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Cielo Networks Announces SkyLink Mercury – The Sub 200 Nanosecond Latency Intelligent Repeater System for Use with SkyLink CG Ultra-Low Latency Microwave Radio Networks

With SkyLink CG microwave radio equipped trading networks already faster than the speediest latency optimized fiber networks, the introduction of SkyLink Mercury's intelligent, dynamically adaptive repeater technology increases Cielo Networks' lead in the race to light speed latency. The first "smart" ULL repeater system, SkyLink CG + SkyLink Mercury brings repeater site latencies into the nanosecond range while automatically insuring end to end network quality of service.

Southlake, Texas, June 25, 2012 – Cielo Networks, Inc., the world’s leading provider of ultra-low latency (ULL) optimized digital microwave solutions for trading network applications, today announced the availability of SkyLink Mercury, the world’s first dynamically adaptive microwave radio IF repeater system. When deployed with Cielo Networks’ SkyLink CG ULL microwave terminals, the Mercury system provides repeater site latencies of less than 200 nanoseconds; dramatically reducing the end-to-end latency of microwave based trading networks. Unlike standalone static RF or IF repeater systems, the Mercury system is fully integrated with the SkyLink CG system operating firmware. The system constantly monitors radio link performance in each direction and can automatically switch from <200 nanosecond analog bypass mode to full digital regeneration as conditions merit. This allows trading networks to dynamically balance end-to-end latency minimization with radio link performance based on quality of service parameter thresholds they choose.

As another achieved milestone on Cielo Networks’ aggressive latency reduction product roadmap, the SkyLink CG & SkyLink Mercury system features include:

  • Compatible with all SkyLink CG ULL radio systems; requires only a firmware upgrade.
  • <200 nanosecond latency at each repeater site in analog bypass mode.
  • Digital regeneration mode latencies as low as 7 microseconds at each repeater site.
  • All latency independent of packet size.
  • Gigabit Ethernet capacities of up to 161 Mbits/sec supported.
  • Manual mode option: SkyLink Mercury can be locked in bypass or regeneration mode locally or remotely via the GUI/CLI/SNMP.
  • Eliminates high costs, frequency licensing challenges and performance limitations of microwave RF repeaters.
  • Avoids serious network reliability vulnerabilities of non-integrated and non-adaptive IF repeater systems.

Initial orders for the SkyLink Mercury system have been received. Shipments and customer deployments will commence in Q3.

“The introduction of the SkyLink Mercury system further extends Cielo Networks’ position as the technology leader and dominant worldwide supplier of ULL microwave radio systems,” said CEO & founder Gordon Moller. “SkyLink CG equipped long distance trading networks are already the world’s fastest; now with SkyLink Mercury, they’ll be much faster and smarter. Our unrivaled commitment to ULL microwave system innovation continues apace. There’s more to come.”

Cielo Networks is a bronze level sponsor and exhibitor at The Trading Show 2012 at Chicago’s Navy Pier on June 25-27, 2012.