Cielo Networks Announces SkyLink CGX – The World’s First Commercial Microwave Radio Modem Designed Exclusively for Use in Extremely Low Latency Trading Network Applications

The successor to the market leading SkyLink CG microwave radio modem indoor unit (IDU), SkyLink CGX sets new benchmarks for extreme low latency transmission performance and integrated end to end network adaptive latency & circuit quality optimization.

Ultra Low Latency Microwave Radio Systems Revolutionize HFT

lready faster than the newest latency optimized fiber networks, disruptive microwave
radio technology leads the race to light speed latency

Gordon Moller, CEO, Cielo Networks, Inc.

Background: Automated algorithmic trading has grown rapidly over the last 5 years to the point where it constitutes the majority of daily trading volumes. Concurrently, a number of HFT strategies have emerged in which the prospects for success are based on minimizing the time of receiving actionable data and executing associated trades, e.g., to profit from momentary price differences in a stock or other asset price as it trades in different markets.
Cielo Networks Announces SkyLink Mercury – The Sub 200 Nanosecond Latency Intelligent Repeater System for Use with SkyLink CG Ultra-Low Latency Microwave Radio Networks

With SkyLink CG microwave radio equipped trading networks already faster than the speediest latency optimized fiber networks, the introduction of SkyLink Mercury's intelligent, dynamically adaptive repeater technology increases Cielo Networks' lead in the race to light speed latency. The first "smart" ULL repeater system, SkyLink CG + SkyLink Mercury brings repeater site latencies into the nanosecond range while automatically insuring end to end network quality of service.
Case Study - Licensed Microwave Ring for the City of Midland’s Public Safety Network

Midland is a city in and the county seat of Midland County, located in the Llano Estacado near the center of the the Permian Basin oil fields in west Texas. A small portion of the city extends into Martin County. As of 2008, the population of Midland was 106,561. Midland is the hometown of