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All-Indoor radio systems have both modem and RF components in indoor racks with a waveguide flange output. Connection to the antenna is made by running a low-loss waveguide.

All-indoor systems offer three advantages over all outdoor counterparts.

  • Very high-power RF section - Indoor RF sections can be built at higher output power than outdoor systems, allowing for longer distances.

  • Easy component replacement - Replacement of parts and modules can be easily done within a network rack without a costly and time-consuming tower climbs. All indoor systems help meet uptime requirements for mission-critical links operated by public safety agencies. 

  • Scalability - Modem and RF modules can be added for increased link capacity and reliability. All indoor systems can accommodate 2+0, 2+2, 4+0, or N+1 configurations. 


  • Skylink CGI - Scalable IP & TDM High Power All-Indoor Microwave Radio System

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