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Need for Ultra Low Latency:

Certain applications such as rapid financial transactions require transmitting data with negligible delays. Wireless links for these “ultra low latency” applications are particularly useful because of lower latency compared with traditional transmission mechanism such as cable and fiber lines.

Layer-1 Transport:

Solectek low latency PTP links are designed to eliminate all delays associated with packet processing. Processing delays include packet switching, layer 2/3 protocols, and other packet handling by software. The result is a pure Layer-1 transport link with very little delays associated with physical circuitry.  

Ultra Low Latency Redefined:

Cielo's latency over an end-to-end PTP path due to radio hardware is as low as 10ns, using 60 to 100 GHz. This figure is the lowest figure in the industry. 

60GHz, 70/89GHz ULL Products:

  • Skylink Air60 - 60GHz Unlicensed ULL V-Band PTP Link

  • Skylink Air80 - 70/80GHz Licensed ULL E-Band PTP Link

90GHz ULL Products (in Development):

  • ​Skylink Air90 - 90GHz Unlicensed ULL W-Band PTP Link

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